Katie Lee

I first met Paradigm when I was looking to do work experience for my design degree at AUT. I liked the small team and luckily they seemed to like me too. One day John asked me, ‘Would you design a brochure for something you don't believe in?’ I sat there and thought ‘what does this have to do with design? Why is he asking me this question?’. I remember mumbling something at the time, but his question stayed with me.

When I graduated I did not want to get a job straight away but really wanted to study painting. I had enjoyed doing Fine Arts at Elam after my design degree but being a full-time artist seemed impossible. So I managed to get a job as a Mac operator at a design agency, then after a year became a graphic designer at another company.

Thankfully I was also able to handle some freelance work for Paradigm which used my creativity and helped make my life a bit more interesting. And allowed me to hope things could get better.

At the end of 2010, I emailed John to thank him – about how Paradigm made me realise how much I enjoy doing creative work; about having values and ethics in our workplace; about how we should take care of our wonderful environment in Aotearoa; that I was very grateful to have met him and learn things I could not have anywhere else. I guess this was when he thought I had some potential for Paradigm – and so here I am.

What makes Paradigm different? I think it's because we’re more conscious. Conscious about our environment and our effect on it. Conscious about what we work on, who we work for, what our clients’ consciousness is. We do what we do because we care. We are only a small team of three but like a family, we support and help each other out, especially on unbelievable deadlines. I get to work with amazing people, not always easy, but always for 'good'.

Outside Paradigm (yes I do have a life), I am an enthusiastic sportsperson playing golf, table tennis, doing rock climbing and going for trekking/beach walking. I am passionate about art (although I seldom manage to get to the galleries), eating out, tasting great wines and watching interesting movies. I get inspiration from all sorts of things: from everyday billboards, art, books, creative design shops I visit, websites I find... I love looking at and collecting cleverly designed products. From these inspirations, I create.