Heart Foundation

Most Kiwis will have come across various versions of the food pyramid – a visual indicator of recommended choices for a healthy diet. But with the standard New Zealand version outdated and relatively unattractive, the Heart Foundation was asked to develop a whole new approach. Extensive research had been done locally and internationally to establish some baseline parameters, and also to see how other countries communicated the issue. Paradigm worked alongside the Heart Foundation designing and testing a number of approaches, any one of which might have worked. Each idea was tested, with the more preferred options being reworked and retested. Out of this exhaustive process, we reached a real consensus around what eventually became the final design – a bright new approach to better eating designed to be clear, attractive and able to be used in almost any setting - from point of sale in a supermarket to a health promotion stall. We continue to work on a variety of other healthy eating and exercise resources with the Heart Foundation.